Growing up back home in Guyana my mom always used to tell me stories about how she grew up. I heard stories about how she lived in a single parent home with my grandma and her seven brothers and sisters in a one bedroom home. She was the eldest. Because it was so difficult for my grandma to just do everything on her own, my mother took on the role of a second parent for my uncles and aunts. She told me about the times that they would have to cook while her mother was working to bring food in the house so they would eat. She mentioned they would always cooked rice and wait for my grandma to bring stuff home so they could have stew; something to go with the rice. There was always rice, it was the stew they were worried about. Sometimes she said they would find themselves not having any at all. But Christmas time was different, it was a time they always knew they would eat swell. And the one meal they looked forward to, that they only had once a year, was Pepper Pot. It is a Guyanese delicacy that came from the Amerindian descendants. Even though I have a better life than my mom did one thing we really cherish around the Christmas time was Pepper Pot with bread.

Year: 2012

– Tinefa Bobb

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