This is a pendant
This is a pendant

My object is a Ganesha pendant. It is a pendant made out of gold and it has a Ganesha (a Hindu god’s) in the pendant which you can attach to a chain. This object was made in India and my grandmother gave it to me a few years ago after she came back from India. Although I do not know how long ago this pendant was made, my grandmother gave it to me about 5 years ago. You may not think that this object is not important to me and my family but it really is. As I said previously, Ganesha is a Hindu deity and as you may know by now, my family follows Hinduism and I take pride in wearing what I do for special occasions. I wore this for my dhoti ceremony, which is basically like a bar mitzvah but for Hindu people. This tradition is only practiced in the Hindu culture so it was only right that I wore it on that day. I still use it for various occasions and I wear it whenever I choose to. I believe that this object says a lot about my identity and culture. Ganesha is the god of education and the remover of obstacles and I truly believe that you need to be well educated in order to be successful in life. This pendant is very special to me. 

 Tags: #grandmother, #pendant, #hinduism, #ganesha, #religion, #attire

Place(s): India, New York
Year: 2008

– MB

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