Peace talisman

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

Growing up in as a kid in China, you will always remember certain things that your parents always tell you or objects that always give you. Sure, I never forget about getting red envelopes during  Chinese new years. But whenever my school year starts, my mom or grandma will always give me a triangularly shaped paper. It's called the "peace talisman", they would stuff that thing into my backpack somewhere that I'll only find it at the end of the school year when I clean my bag, or I am just a messy kid. But one time, when I was 11preparing for my first day of 5th grade, my grandma got me one of this thing again. My curiosity finally hit me after all these years. I was examining this thing and found out it was a piece of paper that's folded into a triangular shape and on the paper, it has some weird written Chinese on it, they don't really make sense to me after reading it. My grandma saw I opened it up and was not happy, but not like she was angry. I asked," what is this?  why do they always get me one?". She told me that ever since I started school, she would always go to a temple and have a master do a consecration on a paper and then fold it into a triangular shape. This is supposed to bless me throughout the year, wishing me that whatever I do will have a good consequence and where ever I go will be safe. She wasn't happy because unfolding the peace talisman, it wouldn't work anymore and have to get me a new one. After all these years, anywhere I go, I would have one on me

Year: 2012

– Siqi Ruan

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant