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Rando fotoh
Rando fotoh

ik It isn't the best ://(had to make It 200 words[I'm using this sentence to do that])
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Rhys Black-5 period
About a year ago I had just bought the most expensive and time-consuming thing I had ever bought. I researched weeks and months for this. And here it was, right in front of me. A jumble of metal, wire and components. I started assembling it right away. Piece by Piece, Wire by Wire. 
First step, Nest step last step.

This was it. The moment of truth. I pressed the button. It booted. It the same time it was underwhelming, text on a black monitor staring at me. But I had prepared so long for this. I installed the software, and after so much stress and time and money spent I made it. A PC. 

Even though everyone's story is different, from as insignificant as a computer to your family and culture values, they are all similar in a way.

177 words sry I don't have a lot of stories about it

– RB

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