My Grandma's Great Garden Hoe!

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Grandma's Garden Hoe
Grandma's Garden Hoe

 A gardening hoe Is a tool for a gardener uses to take out weeds, clear soil, and harvest root Crops. My grandma doesn’t like buying gardening hoes because she doesn’t trust them and she has her own preferences. My grandma makes her own tools to garden. There’s a lot of things that she does with it other than gardening. Sometimes she even does other things like digging holes with it or grabbing stuff with it. A gardening hoe is just one of the things she uses and makes herself. My Grandma always makes her own Garden tools, Sometimes she fixes her stuff, sometimes she doesn’t. My grandma is actually pretty smart for her age. She gets really productive whenever she feels like being a healthy person. She also eats other things once in a while like even my grandma sometimes wants a whopper from burger king at some point. In overall, She loves using and making, and reusing materials to make more of whatever she can she thinks of like Making a “hoe”. She also loves cooking and getting things from her garden. She also makes money from her garden. She sells some of her vegetables for a little bit of extra cash for whatever she wants in the future. This is how many is and always is. That’s just her way of having fun and staying happy. 

Place(s): Minnesota
Year: 1989

– Kyle Vang

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant