Relationship: Im/migrant

My parents came from a small area in southern Italy called Minori. They did not know each other there but once they came to America they met each other.  My mother came because of the death of her parents and my father came because his mother sent him here. He was sent to find out how his sister was doing. My father went into the construction business and the important thing in his life was to provide for our family. We used to go up to East Haven Connecticut a lot to visit our aunt and there were 5 kids sleeping on the floor. My aunt's son lived with us until he finished school and after the second world war he brought his brother and their children to America.  They lived with us in New York but after a month they decided to move up to Connecticut. My dad would say in America nothing is free, you have to work for it and that he did.  It's good to see people who had a dream of coming to America and having a family and providing everything for their children. My parents started a thing called the cousin's club. Instead of on deaths and weddings, they would get all the cousins together every two months so they would get to know each other. In each home someone would have a dance teacher or someone would come with different kinds of food. There was always something at each house. Every summer, my parents would have a big party where the whole extended would get together in Connecticut. 

Place(s): Minori, Italy, Bronx, Mt. Vernon, Connecticut
Year: 1922

– Tony Porpora

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant