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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

This is a photo of my Mom from her first American passport.  The stamp in the passport was dated May 2nd, 1956, her first journey back to her homeland, England. Back then, minor children were included on the passport, I am the cute four year old on the left. In 1946, she came here to marry her American soldier.  She was one of the many "English War Brides"-- brave, adventurist women who left their homes and families to travel by themselves across the ocean.  Leaving the city of London to arrive in a small coal region town with many ethnicities was somewhat challenging. Another hurdle to overcome was living in cramped quarters with her in-laws who only spoke Polish. So after ten years and much homesickness, this was a well-earned trip for her. Leaving our Dad at home, off we went!  However, a short trip was turned into months.  I think my Dad feared we were not returning, but he continued with love letters and in October he persuaded her back. How different my life could have been! 
My Mom, at age 92, is still with us and now has numerous stamps in passports! Though after that first journey, my Dad always accompanied  her back to England. I have some of her adventurist spirit having traveled throughout the USA and many countries. Though more importantly in the family tree is her granddaughter, Julia.  She is also an extensive world traveler and now shares her knowledge and passions being an educator at the Tenement Museum!

Place(s): Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania
Year: 1946

– Tina Mushalko

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant