Parol Ornament

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Parol Ornament hung on a Christmas tree
Parol Ornament hung on a Christmas tree

Christmas has always been a critical time for my family. Because of the Filipino culture’s strong connection and long history of catholicism, we believe Christmas to be the most eminent holiday and celebrate it for four months. As per tradition, star-shaped lanterns known as parols are often displayed at this time of year as a symbol of light. Every Christmas our family brings out our special parol ornament. This ornament has been in my family since before I was born, and its worth has not diminished through age. Despite its cheap and flimsy appearance, putting it out part plays a large role in our festive practices. My mother often reminds us of its importance to her when she adopted a new life in an unfamiliar nation. When she first arrived in Canada in 1992, Christmas celebrations were found to be vastly different from that of the Philippines. The beauty of festive decorations attracted her attention as she claimed to have never seen any of the sorts in her home country. This impact was profound, and she purchased Christmas ornaments to decorate her cousin’s home for the next five years. Her persistent contributions to the occasion were appreciated by my relatives, and when the time came for my mother to leave on her own to immigrate to the United States, they gifted her the parol ornament as an expression of their gratitude. That ornament continues to live on within my family. With the parol’s presence, wintertime not only reminds us of the light that shines through uncertain times but also the importance of family and tradition.

Place(s): Philippines, Vancouver Canada, Las Vegas Nevada
Year: 1992

– Jaden Reyes

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant