Papa Toni's Famous Spaghetti

Picture of the food
Picture of the food

Ever since I can remember, Papa Toni has always made his famous spaghetti & meatballs with meat sauce. Whenever I go over to his house, I can always count on having this dish. Another thing I can count on when going over to my grandparents' house is lots of people. They love having people over: they invite neighbors, friends, & family, and every Sunday there are 30 people littered throughout the house. We watch football & stuff ourselves to the brim. The pasta is in long, thin strips with a red, smooth tomato sauce over it. In the sauce, are little chunks of meat that make the pasta so flavorful. We always have the option to add meatballs & sausage, which I always do because they are my favorite part. They are so soft & fall apart in my mouth. Whenever there is an event, we all come together & sit around my grandpa’s long table lined with way too much food & we eat. This recipe has been passed down from my great-great-grandma from Sicily. The amazing thing about the sauce & the meat is that it never gets old. I have eaten the sauce for four days straight. Every time I eat it, I am reminded of growing up with my whole family at my back, people yelling at the football games and holidays. Everything I did when I lived in California, I always had that wonderful taste in my mouth. I feel really connected with my Italian roots & Italian culture when I eat it because I am surrounded by Italians & eating Italian food. 

Place(s): California
Year: 2018

– SL

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