Papa A La Huancaina Recipe

Relationship: Im/migrant

Papa A La Huancaina Recipe (Potatoes of the Lady from Huancayo)

I always wanted to share my Peruvian doll for my immigration study. But then I realized that the immigration object isn’t about favorites; it’s about how it represents my culture. When my mom told me we would have to change the object from the doll to something else, I asked her “To what?” “Food. That’s what you’ll share about.” my mom said.  My mom, grandma and I were discussing foods since food is VERY important in Peruvian culture. Food is important to Peruvian culture because of the diversity from Peru’s 85 different climates which allow a large variety of ingredients to grow within the country and food is also important because of pride. We settled with Papa a la Huancaina. I got the recipe from my grandma who is fairly good at making them for events. Papa a la Huancaina has Peru’s most popular cooking pepper; a reason why it’s one of Peru’s most popular dishes.  This immigration study has allowed me to think and learn more about my culture. 

Place(s): Peru
Year: 2001

– Isabel

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant