Panamanian Golden Toad

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My object is a picture of the Panamanian golden toad with black spots throughout its body. However, golden toad range it can range Panamanian golden toad inhabit the streams along the mountainous slopes of the Cordilleran cloud forests of west-central Panama. This toad uses its poisonous immune system to protect itself from predators.This toad has an unusual skin. It is very slimy and protects its inner body mostly because it's poisonous. This Panamanian toad has a variety of toxins. I choose this to be my object because this Panamanian toad is a wonderful symbol of Panama. It shows that Panama has a rich natural side. It is a combination of beauty and strength. My maternal grandmother is Panamanian and always taught my mother to be proud of her heritage. My mother immigrated from Panama when she was three years old with her parents and her grandmother. So, that would be my grandparents and great grandparents. My mother does speak some Spanish, but that does not mean she is not any less Panamanian. My father is African American and in my home we embrace both my cultural background.

Year: 1970

– Bryson

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