This is a painting purchased in Iran.
This is a painting purchased in Iran.

What reminds you of your extended family?  It is hard to stay connected to those who live in different countries and time zones. One thing that constantly reminds me of them is a painting. When visiting my family in Iran, we bought this painting. This allows for my family to connect to our persian roots because we can’t visit every year or even every other year. We are lucky to have technology that allows us to communicate with our family. Although due to the very different time zones, it’s not easy to find a time that works for everyone. It is rare that I get to spend time with my family overseas so it is important to have things at home that remind you of them. Additionally, we have other small things we have gotten from Iran and framed pictures of my extended family. Furthermore, we often send pictures back and forth with our family to keep in touch. Although we do stay in touch, we miss seeing them. When we visit Iran, we usually stay for a little over a month during the summer. My mother, my sister, and I stay at my grandmother's house. My dad stays home to work and my oldest brother does so too. My other older brother came with us in the past but he no longer likes to come. In Iran there is limited wifi so we cannot use our technology very much. But this allows us to connect with our family and spend more time with them. I hope to see my family this summer.

Place(s): Tehran, Iran

– Ava Sorbi

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