Painting by my grandfather
Painting by my grandfather

My grandfather was my artist in China, a designer at a company. He was an art teacher for a while (suffering through the Cultural Revolution). When he came to America, he drew for advertisements in magazines. This painting is in my kitchen, he did it all by himself on a wooden board. It illustrates a peaceful scene underwater, filled with fishes and plants. On the top is Chinese calligraphy, an art in of itself. (It talks about the flowers that grow in dark, odored dirt. Yet, they come out beautiful, able to rid itself of its dirty beginnings. It teaches the lesson of not allowing ones' surroundings, no matter how negative it may be, to influence ones' decisions. One can make beauty out of darkness and ugliness.) When he came to America, he gave up most of his past life and the comforts of his homeland. This work of art was one of his only chances at utilizing his talent in this country. 

Year: 1991

– Alan Zhou

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant