My Phone

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

First of all, my name is Rita Lin and i live in America with my family. In the world now, who can even leave there phone, phones can do a lot of things for everyone. I can be happy because of my phone and i can also be sad of my phone. When I feel lonely my phone was always next to my side, when I feel mad I can use phone to text my friend and express my feeling with them and my friends can text me back. Everytime I'm outside, i can use the phone to call my mother to stay touch with them telling them that I'm safe and don't needs to worry. In my phone, there some games that i can play everyday with my friends after I finished my homework. I really like to sing, dance, and draw. I also have a app that i can listen to my music to. I can express my feeling in many different ways when i was listening to the music. In conclusion, my phone is the most important things to me.

– Rita lin

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant