In Attire

My Grandfather has always been there in my life, from the day I was born till now. Bangladesh is the homeland of me and my family, however, it was (in the mid-late 1900s) and arguable is very corrupted in terms of politics and as a result the economy suffered greatly and thus income was very poor. As a result, before I was born, my grandfather was forced to leave the nation in pursuit for greater economic success, he ended up going to the land of the rising sun, Japan. My grandfather went to Japan for economic success but his journey ended up becoming more than just about money. His introduction to Japan was rather rough, for instance, he spoke only Bengali, and a bit of English, the Japanese language however was very difficult for him to learn especially because he was in his early 30s then. He struggled for months for a job, but after nearly a year, he had found a job for a Japanese car company where he started off with a rather low pay. Overtime, my grandpa's boss began to notice my grandpa's hard work ethics and soon gave him a better pay as well as an apartment (on top of the company's building) to live in. After working there for over 8 years, my grandpa was so beloved by his boss that he was taken to parties. During my grandpa's stay in Japan he bought many memorial things, but most memorial thing my grandpa had was his overcoat, it symbolized his struggle and success, and became an artifact I look at to inspire me to work my hardest.

Year: 1980

– Rafsan Abeaz

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