Wedding Piece

Relationship: Im/migrant

My friend, who is now proudly serving in the United States Army, came all the way from the Ukraine in 7th grade. I met him in high school and at that time he spoke English so well that he was in Advanced Placement English class with me. Whenever I would go over to his house I would notice a lot of books and pictures from Ukraine and I would always be intrigued to learn the story of where he got them from. One piece that he always had displayed in his room meant a great deal to him and he feels that it ties him with the other half of his family that is still in the Ukraine. He also said it’s important to remember where he came from and to be proud of his heritage. This piece is an Orthodox Christian wedding piece that it was given to him by his grandparents. It portrays images of Mother Mary and Jesus in a wooden holder. I never knew the story behind it until now, even though whenever I was at his house it was right above the television. Go figure that the one thing in his house I never asked about is one of his closest family artifacts.

Year: 1960

– Michael Migdal

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant