Orna - Scarf

In Attire
Relationship: Child of im/migrant

In my language the word Orna means scarf. One of the objects my brought with her was a scarf that her mother gave her. I really like this scarf. The scarf is made up of a thin material of many silk threads. The thin scarf has colors of dark blue, brown and orange. I chose this thin scarf for my immigration object because it’s my mom’s favorite object as well. The reason why it is my mother’s favorite object is because it reminds her about her life in Bangladesh and reminds her about happy times with her mother. They would do chores together around the house. My mother remembers the times when these chores were not difficult but fun because my grandmother was fun to hang out with.When my grandmother knew that her daughter was leaving for America she gave her this scarf as a remembrance of their good times together in Pakistan. The gift was given to my mom before she left for America. My mom cherished this object as her most precious of all objects. Now, my mom, Ayesha, takes it out whenever she wants to share a special story with me. She drapes it around her neck and pretends that she is back home. I know for sure this means a lot to her. So I wanted to share this object and the importance of it in this essay. Back home, my mother wore the scarf when the weather was cool. These memories are precious to my parent, Ayes.

Year: 1897

– Tanisha

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant