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This is the two photos of my Uncle Luke.
This is the two photos of my Uncle Luke.

My great Uncle Luke was born in Northern Ireland in Portadon on March 18th 1911. In 1935, he immigrated to the United States, for the same reason most did, for a better opportunity and to live the “American Dream”. Uncle Luke came over at the age of 24 to be here with my grandmother. Upon entering through Ellis Island, Luke listed his occupation as an elevator operator. While living in NY he continued this occupation and worked as a doorman for the Dakota building building on West 72nd street NY, NY.  He was drafted into the military on December 7th 1941 and remained on active duty serving outside the United States from April 29th 1943 till September September 12th 1945, which was the day he was released upon honorable discharge after being wounded. In one of the pictures I have decided to include his prayer book for Catholics in the Armed Service given to him by Father Kessler.  When Luke came to the United States he did not come with many items and of the few things that he immigrated with many of them we do not have today for various reasons. However, one of the few things we do have is two pictures of him in their original frame that he brought over. The picture in the right side of this picture frame is when Luke was an altar boy for the church of Ireland. The one on the left side is actually a post card of a picture of my uncle Luke. We believe the photo is him around the age of seventeen while he was still in Ireland. 

Year: 1935

– Nicholas Graci

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant