Uncle's Baseball

My Uncle's First Home Run Ball
My Uncle's First Home Run Ball

Having multiple family members play baseball in college and having one play professionally can lead to some big expectations. My uncle has multiple baseballs he has kept from over the years, whether it be a home run ball or a ball from when he threw a no hitter. My dad has baseballs from winning player of the game in playoff games during his high school career. Ever since I was little I’ve always collected baseballs just like them to try and be like them. I have a baseball from eight or ten years ago when I won player of the game in tee ball. I also have a ball I kept just three years ago from throwing a no hitter. Not many high school athletes make it to college. My grandpa and my uncle both played baseball in college. I am trying to continue that trend on to the third generation. I know my family isn’t at the level of a family like the Manning's or the Griffey's but to have multiple family members play collegiate and professional baseball is pretty special.

– Grant Keffer

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