Relationship: Im/migrant

Cutchipo Po 

With a beautiful name and a beautiful color that describe it. Cape Verde is the most beautiful country that I have ever see, and one thing that makes it important it’s the culture and the people, even knowing the color of our people is dark but we are proud of it. I like that people from my country are fighters and that makes me feel in the same way. There is a festival called Cutchipo and it is one of the most cultural events, like a party for my country. Every year is a festival that women and men dance with a long, brown, and wood object called a cutchipo. This object is also old. It came from our great-great grandma and grandpa times. That’s why it is so important for people from my country, even kids wants to do it, because it represents our culture, our family, our blood! In every part of my country you find a design and material, small object of it, and strangers people when they look at it, they liked because they didn’t see them before. And it relates to me because I’ve been loved with that object since I looked at it, and my family feel happy to see that I like the same thing as them, and I hope one day I can have that in my own house when I grow up. 


Place(s): Cape Verde, Africa
Year: 2016

– Ledine

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant