Origin (Jamaican flag)

Relationship: Im/migrant
This is my origin. I am a PROUD Jamaican!
This is my origin. I am a PROUD Jamaican!

 My motivations for emigrating to the US aren’t particularly unique. Like many other immigrants, I moved to the US for a better opportunity, more specifically, a better educational opportunity. However, to make such a move was not without significant personal sacrifice. I am very tied to my Jamaican identity and culture, so, moving away was not an easy decision to make. Leaving meant that I had to leave the familiarity of home, and the security and stability of my family. Through chain-migration, my mother moved here and sent for her two youngest children, which included myself. My brother and I had to leave our older sisters and our nieces and nephews behind. Before emigrating, I lived in a house filled with people. Typically, eight of us inhabited our home however, we hosted other relatives regularly. Our house was loud, bustling and booming with life, and sadly we had to leave that behind. When we moved to the US we moved in with our relatives and lived there until we were stable enough to rent our own place. Our current home is very quiet, and empty compared to my native home. In the very near future, we hope to have our older sisters and their children join us, so that our home can be loud, bustling and booming once more. 

Place(s): Jamaica, USA
Year: 2014

– Nasasha Rowe

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant