My Country

Relationship: Im/migrant
Russian tea table
Russian tea table

Where I'm From 
I am from under the wing of caring club, which warms under its wings all the peoples living in it 
and brings them up with real people, geniuses, creators, great scientists, and heroes;
from The Red Squire has many ancient cathedrals.
I am from a place that looks like swallows' nestsand from where the whole yard celebrated the holidays.
I am from four different seasons where beautiful, tall, 
slender birches and wise, old oaks grow,who can keep everyone's secrets.
I am from vacation house and from thick woods,
from Zlata and AnatoliyI am from kindness and wisdom
and from justice and industry
from hospitality and caring for others.
I am from "Lord Jesus Christ have mercy om me"
I am from great-grandma and great- grandpa
from borscht and sweet buns
from The Great Patriotic War
and from destruction and poverty
after that I had medals and photos
I am from those moments of a beautiful life where friendship and love were.

Place(s): Moscow, Russia
Year: 2019

– E

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant