Jamaican picture from family travel
Jamaican picture from family travel

 A long time ago my family first went to Jamaica. We continued that tradition ever since for more than 30 years. Jamaica for me is a great place where I get to connect with my family that I don't get to see every day. For my 'Your Story, Our Story' I decided to bring in a picture from one of the first times that my grandparents ever visited Jamaica. It was before any other family members went. This picture is very important because a person made it right in front of my grandmother's eyes and you can still see the brush marks. It's made of a canvas/cork-like material and can be easily hung against the walls. I first found out about this picture and the significance in early September. It was after my grandfather passed away my grandmother was cleaning his office and found it to give to me. Whenever I see it on my desk it reminds me of the significance that a place can have on someone like my grandpa Neil. This is a significant place for my family. It doesn't just bring us together but helps tell a story of my family. It reminds me of the importance of family and it relates to my life because we have been going there for family vacations for such a long time. 

Place(s): Jamaica

– EB

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more