Omega Watch

In Attire

This is the only item I own that was once owned by my father, Philip Henry Steinberg, who died when I was 15. My father was a big James Bond fan, which may explain why his mother-in-law (my maternal grandmother) bought him an Omega watch at some point in the 1960s (Bond always wears an Omega watch). Not long after I was born in 1971, he upgraded to a bulkier, fancier Omega, and this watch disappeared into a chest of drawers, where it sat until I discovered it on a trip home from college in the 1990s. With my mother’s permission, I took the watch to a certified Omega watch repairman, who cleaned and repaired it for me. He told me that this is an “entry level” Omega, the cheapest on the market in the 1960s. It isn’t waterproof, and its “crystal” is actually plastic.

Year: 1940

– Adam S

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