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Rolex Oyster Perpulet Day-Date
Rolex Oyster Perpulet Day-Date

When my dad came to this country, he pursued a dream. He wanted to start a family, and be able to care for his family. To which he opened up a grocery store, which went successful for him. After some years he treated himself to a luxury watch. He paid 25,000 for his watch.  Which he then passed down to me. It shows that hard work pay's off. And you should do it the right way. With blood, sweat, and tears as it will give you  satisfaction that you earned it. It is like a reminder for me to stay on the right path in life and it will benefit me. This is something my dad tells me almost everyday. And I think about his words everyday and every step I take in my life. Just for a good life. It also comes to show that staying on the right path is beneficial, as well as being productive in school.

Year: 1998

– Abaid Rehman

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child