Old Lucha Libre Figures

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Lucha Libre Figures that I have.
Lucha Libre Figures that I have.

The Lucha Libre figures are one of my personal objects because when I was a kid, I was really into Lucha Libre, which is Mexican wrestling, and when my brother and sister came back from visiting Mexico to see my aunt’s, uncle’s, and grandpa, they brought back Lucha Libre figures that came with a ring and I would play with it all day. Speaking of Mexico, many kids in Mexico love watching Lucha Libre and they also watched Lucha Libre with their parents, who also watched Lucha Libre when they were young as well. So Lucha Libre is brought down from generation to generation making it special for kids and their parents. Just as it was brought down from my uncle’s and dad’s dad and my mom’s mom to my uncle, dad, mom, and then to my siblings and me. The object has not been passed down, but my uncle and dad used to have toys like the ones I got from Mexico, so Lucha Libre was brought down. Back then, kids in Mexico would play with these old-style toys because they wanted to recreate moves that their favorite Luchadors did in the ring and that these toys were special to them, just as they were special to my uncle and dad. This would help give more meaning to the toys. Lucha Libre is a part of me and my family since they used to watch Lucha Libre when they were my age on T.V and that they liked watching their favorite wrestlers, who were Blue Demon Jr, Blue Demon,  El Santo, El Hijo del Santo, Octagon, and La Parka. So, this object is part of our Mexican culture because this is what I and my whole family grew up watching, and to this day, I still enjoy watching Lucha Libre.

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Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant