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The Guira is from D.R history. The guira is a musical instrument from the Dominican Republic.The guira is usually used on happy occasions like parties and birthdays. My father was the one who gave me my first guira. The first time I used the guira was at my cousin's party because we all knew how to use different instruments so we played it for our family. The way you are supposed to play the guira is by hitting the metal base with the metal tips of the stick in a pattern the different pattern the different sound will be made. My father told me that when he first came to America from the Dominican Republic he met up with his friends to have a celebration of his arrival and at the party there was music and his friends and him started playing different instruments including the guira showing how it is used at a celebration or party. The cool feature of the guira is that even though it sounds good on its own it is meant to be played with other instruments because it can complement the other sounds better. This means that the guira is an instrument that is supposed to be played with family or friends. This is why the guira is at most parties because it represents happiness. It also doesn't hurt that it is a very simple instrument to use. This is why most Dominican households have a guira. 

Year: 1987

– Joelvis Perez

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