Italian cards

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Napoletane cards or Italian cards.
Napoletane cards or Italian cards.

The item that represents me is an Italian card deck. This represents the history of my family and the country that they are from. The object represents my family's culture and traditions. My grandparents went from Italy to the USA after WW2 to find better job opportunities. These cards were passed down from my grandparents who came from Italy. My grandparents then taught me and my family how to play. The cards are like American cards except a little bit different. There are 4 different suits that card can be in. The cards range from 1-10 with different values being based on what's on the card. The item on the card determines the suit and the amount determines the value. 1-7 is how many suits there are on the card. 8 are Queens, 9 are Jacks, and 10 are Kings. There are many games that you can play with these cards. One of these games is called Scopa. This is the game that my family plays the most. The next game is called Briscota which my family also plays a lot. These cards were created in the city of Naples, Italy. My family loves to play these cards whenever we get the chance too. I am going to introduce these cards to my future family and teach them how to play Scopa and Briscota. I am going to play a lot with my future family and use it as a way to remember my past and how I came to America. These cards tell stories about memories of how I play and how my grandparents came to the US. They tell stories about me playing with my aunts and uncles who visited America. These cards are very important to me and very important to my family.

Place(s): Italy Naples
Year: 1950

– Nico

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant