Ogle Family Coat of Arms

Picture of Coat of Arms and Crest
Picture of Coat of Arms and Crest

This project made me remember something I honestly had forgotten. I was at my grandma’s house for some sort of visit, I can’t remember if my cousin was there or not, but I do remember holding a piece of wood with a gold-colored somewhat wrecked thing. I asked my grandma what it was, and she told me it is my family’s Coat of Arms. To think my family had a Coat of Arms; this was before I truly knew about how interesting and partly famous my family was, so you can imagine why our family, people I thought didn’t do much except immigrate, have a coat of arms. My grandma loves telling stories about our family that she has learned from researching us. She talks about how we were one of the first (heritage) families _ in Louisiana. You can find us in many records in many places, names on plaques, war memorials, everything. When I went to DC I found many Ogles that were in past wars.. We have had a history of fighting for the US but also doing other things like farming., No one famous is an Ogle as far as I know, so nothing interesting there, just past victories. We also were royalty in Northumberland and have a castle there and maybe some roads on google maps that are dotted around. We also at some point owned Kirkley Hall which is now a zoo and educational center. I looked it up on google maps and they have quite a range of animals that all look very cool, not to mention it is a  really nice building. 

Place(s): Northumberland England; USA

– Azar Ogle

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more