Relationship: Im/migrant
my uncle at his sons birthday
my uncle at his sons birthday

I did not know anything about ofrendas or did not know what they meant until I saw one for my uncle. My uncle was a funny and careless guy who always made us laugh, but being careless is what led him to his death.  Six months before his death he was working on landscaping and he had accidentally cut himself up on his leg.  He did not go to the hospital for it until it was causing him a lot of pain, but it was too late because by the time he went to get it treated, he had an infection that got him sicker by the day. He had to live like this for a couple of months until his body gave up on him.  He passed away with his loving family around him.  An ofrenda is where you get a flat surface, put a photo of the family member that passed away, and on that surface, you put all their favorite foods that they enjoyed when they were alive. In my religion, ofrendas are made so those that passed away can enjoy their favorite foods in the afterlife and keep their spirit alive. I find this beautiful because you kind of spend time with them by decorating their own little space and remember all the fun things you did with them. I miss my uncle till this day, but I know he's enjoying his afterlife and looking over us.  

– veronica

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