Office Sign of F.L. Boyle M.D.

This sign from my grandfather's doctor's office in Bayonne, New Jersey represents his rise in American society as the grandson of Irish immigrants. As a the third generation in America my grandfather, like many other third generation immigrants enjoyed the benefits of the hard work and suffering that his family and immigrant went through in order to ensure their standing in American society. His father was the son of Irish immigrants and was limited to work in factory and industrial work and spent his entire career working for United Steel. It was his hope that the values of the Irish community of hard work and loyalty that were instilled in him during his family's time in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan would be passed along to his son and his son could make something of the family name which had been the hope of the first generation of Boyles when they left Ireland for America. Francis Boyle eventually became the first member of the family to receive a college education when he graduated from Marquette Medical School. He established his own medical practice in his hometown of Bayonne, New Jersey and would go on to be an influential physician in the city and served time as one of the official physicians for the Bayonne Police Department. The sign signifying his place as a professional doctor in society shows his acceptance in American, despite being in a previously oppressed Irish Catholic family he was able to succeed like many third generation immigrants.

Year: 1945

– Jack Boyle

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