Nutcracker ornament

This is the photo of a nutcracker
This is the photo of a nutcracker

                                                                                                      The One and Only Ornament 
My Subject I choose for your story, Our story is a Christmas ornament. This Christmas ornament isn’t just no regular ornament you hang up on a Christmas tree. This ornament has a deep meaning towards it. Every year it almost becomes that time my mother, sister, my grandparents, and me will get the Christmas tree set up and ready for the holidays. The best part of it all is decorating the tree with ornaments that make it special. However the ornament that is very special to my family is the nutcracker. Nutcracker is very special towards my family because of the purpose behind it. The nutcracker started back when I was around 10 years old, and my family would all get tickets to go to New York city Radio city Rockettes show. They perform these shows all before December 25th as a way of cheering on the holiday spirit. The nutcracker ornament is important because it is in the Christmas show that we saw. During the show my favorite part of the whole time was the nutcracker when it was in play. Due to it being my favorite, we ended up buying a nutcracker ornament when the show was over when they were having sales on merchandise and ornaments. That is why that ornament is the most important to me and what the story behind it is about. 

Place(s): New York city Radio city Music Hall
Year: 2013

– Peter Prinzivalli

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant