Notebook: Word Search

In Fun

My grandmother’s name is Maria Magdalena Chagna, a hardworking woman who has always supported their children with what little she had. My grandmother immigrated to the United States from Ecuador legally by plane in the year 2000 thanks to her sister, who was a citizen of the United States, and who make all the arrangements to bring my grandma to New York so she could have a better social status and she obtained a reasonable job. She was a hotel maid and several years later was promoted to manager. When I started living in this country in 2010, I remember my grandmother mentioned to me that ever since she came to the country, she wanted to learn a little of the language use in here, so what she did was every 2-3 weeks, she bought a notebook of word search and every time she got some free time she tried to filled it, on the way to work or coming from it or in the house but she was determined for 2 reasons, first because it seemed fun and second helped her recognize and learned new words in English and apparently helped a lot because currently, she is married to my grandfather Michael, who is a north American and does not speak any Spanish but they understand each other in their way and live happily.

Year: 2000

– Marcos Chavez

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