Norwegian Open Salt Cellar

About two months ago my Social Studies class got assigned to bring in an artifact from our family. At first I was worried because I had no clue what to bring in. Later I had asked my mom and dad if we had any artifacts in our family. My mom said yeah, she pulled out this box from the cabinet. I had never seen it before, but now I know so much about and a lot more family members I hadn’t known. This is a Norwegian open salt cellar. It’s a replica of the Norwegian Viking ships. It’s made out of sterling silver with a glass blue liner. This object was brought over to America from Norway in 1901 and belonged to my great great grandmother Elise. It was then passed down to my grandmother Pamela, and now it’s with my family. This means a lot to my family because my mom's side of the family is mostly Norwegian. I then asked my mom why don’t we use it for salt? She said it means too much to the family and it's more of a memory then a salt holder. I’m very glad we had to bring in an artifact from our family because I now know so much more of my family's history. 

Place(s): Norway
Year: 1901

– Carly Mitchell

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more