Nonina's Pasta Board

This is the Pasta Board
This is the Pasta Board

 My item is a pasta making board that my great-grandma Nonina used everyday to make fresh pasta. She immigrated from Italy in 1929, the same year the stock market crashed, and was used to Italian food. My Nonina would use this board for mostly pasta dough but also dough for pie or struffoli, an Italian dessert with fried dough and honey. My dad believes the object was bought in the United States after her arrival. I am not entirely sure how old the board is but my dad grew up with it in his house, making the board at least sixty years old. The board stayed in the place my Nonina settled when she first immigrated to the United States which was in Yonkers. My grandma stayed in Yonkers and was given the board. She kept it there and later on she gave it to my dad. After so long my dad held on to it because like so many things in my grandparents house it means more than a piece of wood. My Nonina would gather everyone around as she used it, uncles and aunts learned and kids watched. Everyone would be together and the meals made on the board gave another reason to be together. Family is very important to me and that pasta board made my dad feel the same way. 
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Place(s): Yonkers
Year: 1929

– LN

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more