Nefertiti Statues
Nefertiti Statues

For as long as I can remember, the bust of Nefertiti sat on my mom’s dresser. One day I asked my mom where she got the little statue and she told me that was a story for my Oma to tell.  She told me towards the end of WWII, her little town in East Prussia was about to be invaded by the Russian Army. A family friend came to her house and told her family they needed to pack a suitcase each and leave quickly. She said she started packing and she remembers grabbing the statue adding it to her suitcase. As she made her way through the war, Nefertiti stayed with her.  She married my grandpa a US Serviceman and they made their way to Nashville, TN. Once again Nefertiti made it into my Oma's suitcase.  In the 1970's my mom went to Berlin to see the Nefertiti bust. Not long after, my Oma gifted the bust to my mom. I had my chance to see Nefertiti a few years ago. Three generations of my family saw the bust, a connection that spanned almost 90 years. Nefertiti (the taller of the two statues) rests on my shelf next to my very own Nefertiti as a reminder of my Oma and the journey she made from Germany to Tennessee. 

Place(s): Berlin, Germany and Nashville, Tennessee
Year: 1949

– Morgan

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant