In Attire
Relationship: unknown

My father's golden necklace is symbolic to me.  
My father had this gold necklace for some time now. I have always asked him “Can I have it? Can I have it, please?”  I asked him over and over, again and again. Even when he went away to jail I still asked him over the phone, and he told me that I could have the necklace "when the time is right."  He waited until April 24th, 2019 on my birthday to tell me that I can go over to my grandmother's house and get his necklace.  I was so happy that I wanted to get off the phone with him so fast, and I said thank you "Thank you so much!"  I got the necklace, and it had a ring on it. I waited for my father to call me later that night so I could ask what the ring was for.  When we both got on the phone, I asked what was the ring?  He told me "It was your grandfather’s ring."  I had so many questions at the time, but we only had five minutes left to talk. It's been so hard to not have my father there on my birthday to give me a birthday present in person or tell me the story behind the present. We did talk the day after when he told me that it was the wedding ring of his dad's who passed away with it on, and he took it so he would always have something to remember his dad. That is why this necklace means so much to me, because it's been passed down from my grandfather to my father to me, and now I wear it every day and it’s really meaningful to me.    

Place(s): Cleveland

– Nathaniel Richardson

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