Button-up short sleeve shirt

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Traditional button-up short sleeve shirt
Traditional button-up short sleeve shirt

For years in the Caribbean Islands guys have been wearing short sleeve button-ups as casual clothing and it’s part of their fashion. My granddad gave me his special button up he had for about 30 years. He told me he would wear this specific button up for special occasions like music shows he had with his band. Surprisingly it still looks and smells good after all those years. I had to take it because to me it looks nice, I like the pattern it has, it looks modern and timeless.    

Every time I see or wear the shirt, I feel comfortable and imagine myself having fun at the beach. I only wore the shirt a few times so far. The first time I wore it was for a rap show that was taking place in House of Blues where performers like Summer Walker, Young Dolph, A$AP Rocky were performing. The other couple times were just for going out and having fun. This made me fall in love more with my cultural identity and where my family came from.  

Place(s): Caribbean

– D.J

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant