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The families Faithful necklace
The families Faithful necklace

I will be talking about the heritage jewelry that we have possessed in our family for over 100 years. For example we have a necklace that we wear to protect us from any evil/negative entities to keep us safe. This is also true of the jewelry that we kept with us for 500 years. We have diamond rings, more golden necklaces, and a whole lot of other expensive items. When someone wears the ring with a special necklace, that person gets good luck. Our necklaces are always given out to any new members of the family if they are with us on Diwali day.If a baby is born they are also given a similar necklace, but it goes around the arm so they don’t choke from it. Even after death you still wear it to be protected in the afterlife. My great grandma that passed it down in around 1900 to my Uncle, and with that luck he has received because of his faith in the necklace, from the moment it went around his neck,"he was able to get everyone he loved in America.

Place(s): Africa and America

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Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant