In Attire

My grandmother's necklace from the Dominican Republic has been in my family for a long time. It is a necklace that my grandmother gave to my mom before she died, and before my mom dies, she is going to give it to me. It is a very beautiful necklace, but that is not why it is so important to me. I believe this necklace is very important for me because it came from my grandmother. It makes me think of her. She always said that once you have it in your hands it makes you think of God. I first learned about this object about nine years ago. I remember that my grandmother used to wear it all the time. My grandmother was an old silly person. She always liked to make jokes. She always wanted to see her family happy. Words can’t explain how much I miss her. In my opinion, if she would have studied to be a counselor, she would have been one of the best. This necklace came from Dominican Republic, and it makes me feel even more special because it is from my country, and my grandma made it with her own hands. The Dominican Republic is one of the hottest countries I know. I like my country because every time you want to go to the beach or pool, you are free to go. Also, I think that Dominican Republic is a very creative country. You learn how to do many things and can create what you want. I do miss my grandmother and I do miss my country, but knowing the necklace is in my family and will be mine one day makes me feel close to these special things.

Year: 2006

– Joharys

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