My grandmother's ring

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This is my grandmother's ring.
This is my grandmother's ring.

My Grandmothers ring is extremely important to me in that it was passed down many generations. My family is a very Christian household, and this ring represents my cultural identity greatly. My grandmother and ancestors orginitated from Scotland and Ireland. They landed here in Roanoke, and that is where my grandmother grew up. When my mom and aunt were little girls they were in an elevator with my Grandmother, and found this sapphire. My grandmother took it to the Jeweler and found it was worth great value. She then put it into a gold ring along with some diamonds to accompany it. When I was a young girl and the only grandchild I used to compliment it on her hand and admire it. She then surprised me and gave it to me and I was in complete shock. This ring has great sentimental value and I am extremely appreciative for having the privilege of keeping it and eventually passing it down to my future children. This story may connect to other stories in that many things are passed down from generations. I think that my story is unique and special in that this passing down just began with my grandmother, and so I am able to talk to her about it and communicate directly with her, as some may just have to assume if it was many many years back or a relative they never got the chance of meeting. 

– Morgan Tew

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