this is my necklace my dad gave me
this is my necklace my dad gave me

 By the late time of 2015, I started to learn more about being more into religion at that time I think I was 10 not sure I might have turned 11.  I have been living in my house for as long as I could remember and I grew up in a religious household catholic specifically and learned a lot about it while living in Napa. I went to the catholic church near here by this school every weekend and went to think called batesismo and confirmation this is in Spanish btw during the time I went to this my dad gave me a necklace and I think I have had this since middle school and I take it everywhere because it shows me that God is always with me and it’s very important to me. Like all the moves my parents made to teach me about being a catholic continue to teach me about religion not just me but also my brother and sisters.

Place(s): napa

– Guillermo.c

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