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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My Mom moved to New York City in 2003. She moved here to go to college so she can continue her college degree. When she moved here it was not easy. My Mom had a difficult time getting her passport and rest of the papers to leave Bangladesh and to come to America. My Dad was already in America. For them to stay together my Mom had to make a choice and she decided to come and join my Dad even though it was difficult for her.When she made this choice, she decided to take the necklace with her to remember her family and the traditions that were so important to her. The necklace belonged to her great great grandmother who then gave it to the next generation and now my Mom has it. The necklace is gold and has my Mom’s birthstone which is ruby. The most important reason why the necklace reminds her of her country is that it has a flower which is shaped like the flower that represents my country. The texture of the necklace is bumpy because of the gold plated designs. It is only bumpty in the front, but smooth in the back. My mom’s name is Masuma. My Mom continues to miss her country, but having the necklace really helps her because it brings back memories of her family gatherings and the way she helped in her country

Year: 2003

– Nazifa

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant