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This is a necklace that belongs to Asma Alghazali. Today I was inspired to write about her of being an immigrant to show you how her history had a connection to others just like her. Asma was born and raised in Yemen and had decided to move to America. But before she came, she had to bring one thing that will remind her of home, which is a special jewel of Yemen, a beaded, meaningful, and a beautiful necklace. This present is use as an everyday object and used for special events. This object helped her along her way in America and had remind her of the home that she use to be in. She had came a long way ever since, she’s now able to talk in English and get the education that she always wanted. These type of stories are important because it can create a connection to other immigrants that came to our country. They have a voice to share to us that they mean something to us because people who are not immigrants, should learn of how being new to America can be a long journey. Americans should be able to see that immigrant journey into their own eyes, thinking that they are the ones who are moving to America.

Place(s): Yemen
Year: 2015

– Sarahi Trujillo

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child