Native American Plate

The hand-made plate.
The hand-made plate.

This object to the left was my great-great-grandfather’s. It was passed down through generations. One day my father was looking through his grandfather’s stuff and found this plate. Whilst he wasn’t too sure what it was, it unlatched a door to my family's history. It was the same thing for me. This plate is from the Mapuche Native American tribe of South America. It is made of copper and it was handmade. These traditions quickly spread throughout Chile. I am not completely sure of the journeys it took, but I do know some of it. When my great-great-grandfather immigrated from South America to North America, he took it with him. When interviewed, I asked my father, “Tell me the significance of this plate.” He then replied with, "The plate signifies the artistry of the Mapuche Tribe." I then went on to ask him how long ago he received the plate and he said “58 years ago. The plate is over 100 years old. Seeing this plate got me very interested in the story it holds and my family history.

Place(s): South America
Year: 1916

– Christopher

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more