Cahete (a Mexican bowl)

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My object is known to be called a Cahete (a Mexican bowl) it is a two piece object. One piece is where you smash tomatoes, and avocado to make the salsa. The other piece is where you put the smashed salsa in.The Cahete is really important to my mom and me. It is very special to me because my mom brought it in the year 1995 to America and my great ­great­ great­ grandma used to make a lot of salsa in this Cahete. This is important because my great­ great­ great-grandma is not in this world anymore and this reminds my mom and I about her. My mom made salsa in this Cahete and she going to show me how to make salsa too. I can’t wait!!!!!! Some questions I would like to ask my mom are is it easy? Will it take long? How important was it to you at my age? And do you think I will be good at making salsa? I hope, because I want to join the tradition of making salsa in a Cahete.

Year: 1995

– Stefanny

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant