Native American doll

My heritage/ ethnic culture is Native American. My family owns many Native American objects that have been passed down for years. My family owns many Doll figures, dream catchers, blankets, paintings, toys, and jewelry. Many of these things have been around my family for many years so its understandable that we have lost some.My mom owns many Native American dolls that are made of porcelain. My elisi (that’s grandma in Cherokee which is a Native American culture.) has a house full of the dolls and many more Native American objects. She has many porcelain and corn husk dolls. My sisters, cousins, and I have made many of the corn husk dolls. From the Great Native American legend “Three sisters” My elisi says we don't put faces on the dolls to remind people that no one is better than another. However my family is more into the porcelain dolls. The porcelain dolls remind us of our culture and protects us from evil. We get two or three yearly and add them to our collection. We get a lot when we go to flea markets or the Native American festivals held in storm king.

Year: 2003

– Amber

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