Nacimiento Indigena

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

A handmade model of the birth of Jesus Christ is the item that represents my religion, which is Catholicism. The item, which was made in Ecuador, represents how Jesus Christ’s birth was a miracle since his mother Mary gave birth to him while still being a virgin. The model features three people: Mary, Joseph, and Jesus Christ. Nativity models, which exist around the world, often feature different animals. Because this model was made in Ecuador, it features ceramic pots, seashells, a donkey, and a llama for decoration. All of these pieces are on top of a wooden slab, surrounded by a fence of sticks and trees made of pine cones. My family is from Ecuador. When my mother received this model from her sister, it reminded me of my grandfather because he is a priest in Guayaquil, and is very religious. He taught my mother and her siblings about the concept of God, churches, and praying. My mother teaches us what she learned by taking us to church on specific holidays. She reads from the Bible, teaching the lessons of the stories to us. She keeps the nativity out year round. The model reminds me of the trips we make to Ecuador to visit our family during the holidays. It also reminds me of the moments I  spend with my relatives and how elated I feel when I see them. My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas by waiting for Saint Nick or going Christmas caroling. Instead, we invite all of our family into our homes and spend time with them.

Place(s): Cuenca, Ecuador
Year: 2004

– CS

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant