My Wallet


I have a wallet, which has special meaning for me. It's my first birthday gift from my fiancée. I cherish it very much. My wallet’s shape is black gray rectangle. The whole wallet has nothing to decorate except for a single metal zipper. It looks very clean. However, its texture is very distinctive, making the wallet look delicate. The surface is uneven, and there are many stripes like tiny waves low key but very special, which intersect with each other. The wallet’s wavy print is one of the most famous prints from the brand, Louis Vuitton. Touching it is so good, like touching my fiancée’s beautiful hands. 

I got my wallet on my birthday in 2015. At that time, I was falling in love with my fiancée. She knew that I did not have a wallet, and she wanted to give me one as a big surprise. The significance was that she hoped that I could earn more money and fill my wallet, so that we could live a carefree life. Moreover, I could achieve all our dreams and spoiled her as a child. However, it was worth mentioning that before I had got my wallet, my pocket had been full of money every day. I usually had lost some changes when I had sit or laid back. Since I had a wallet, I had almost forgotten what the money looks like.  I am crazy about my wallet. It represents the love and expectation from my fiancée. I hope we love forever, and I will keep my wallet well. 

Place(s): Birthday Gift

– Jian Guo

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