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Relationship: Im/migrant
National Confirmation Paper
National Confirmation Paper

 When I finished high school in the Dominican Republic in 2011, I made
a promise to myself I would keep this paper until I graduated from college. I
made this promise because my brother did and he achieved to graduate from
college. The national confirmation is a paper you receive when you take the
national exam. you receive that exam when you are in the last grade of high
school. I was in the university in the Dominican Republic but I could not
graduate because I had to move to the United States. As I could not finish
college in the DR I decided to bring this paper with me because I thought it
would serve me of inspiration to keep going on my studies in USA. This paper
has been with me for six years. Now I say that even after my graduation from
Bronx Community college I’m going to save the confirmation to show my sons in
the future how that paper influenced to continue my studies. 

Place(s): cotui provincia
Year: 2016

– Nancy Morales

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant